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Interesting MessageBoard post ;-)

Posted: Tue Jun 06, 2023 4:27 am
by UBT - Timbo
Hi all

I just logged into the SETI@home project website and had a look to see if anything was happening and I found this:

Question: ... id=2117753
Dear all,

It's been more than three years since the first post in this thread. Is SETI@Home still considered "in hibernation" ?

When a bear hibernates, it is expected that it will eventually wake up and spring back to life.

Should we expect the same from SETI@Home ? Any positive news on that front ?

Best regards,

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Thanks for a good question.

s@h has a large fantastic userbase of enthusiasm...

There are some reobservations planned on the Chinese FAST...

After that?... Who knows if a new researcher jumps onboard with a new grant?...

Next week? Or next decade?? (Or next never?)

Meanwhile, we have life on the forums still.

Keep searchin',
So, maybe there is hope that the hibernation might be over at some point?