Running SRBase tasks multithreaded

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Running SRBase tasks multithreaded

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If the long running tasks on SRBase are too long running, it is possible to run them multithreaded:

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Specific app_name for each sub-projects:

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srbase		Sierpinski / Reisel base base
srbase2		Reisel Base
srbase3		Sierpinski base
srbase4		Sierpinski / Reisel base short
srbase5		Sierpinski / Reisel base long
srbase6		Sierpinski / Reisel base average
srbase7		Reisel base short
srbase8		Sierpinski base short
srbase9		Sierpinski / Reisel base average2
srbase10	Sierpinski / Reisel base average3
srbase11	Sierpinski / Reisel base long2
srbase12	Sierpinski / Reisel base long3
Although it doesn't hurt to put all the applications in anyway as Boinc will only request and run those set in your preferences (add a separate <app_version> </app_version> block for each one)

The example has cores set to four as apparently, that's the optimum number but feel free to change the settings to experiment.
Also, there is supposed to be an improvement with hyperthreading turned off so set the "<project_max_concurrent>2</project_max_concurrent>" value accordingly to use half the available cores - eight core CPU, setting is "1" (1 * 4 core task)

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