A little help please?

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UBT - Chris Suddick
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A little help please?

Post by UBT - Chris Suddick »

Can anyone tell me how to upload a picture to this forum? I have quite a good visual joke to post but I can't work out how to do it. Using the /img thingy seems to require a url which has me stumped.

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Re: A little help please?

Post by Woodles »

Hi Chris,

You can upload it as an attachment (Full editor, blue box at the bottom)

It doesn't show as an image but anyone clicking on it gets the picture.

Other than that, I believe you need a filesharing site (I use photobucket as I've had an account there since the stone age!) and use the [ img ] [ /img ] tags.

UBT - Timbo
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Re: A little help please?

Post by UBT - Timbo »

HI Chris

I had to switch off the "display online" function for images, due to change in the EC law about copyright...and the issue is that copyrighted images could be/have been uploaded and this website could fall foul of the Law and hence we could have legal issues to deal with. :-(

As Mark suggested you can upload it as an attachment (size limit 500 kB) and then it would need to be clicked on to view.

Ditto that you could use a filesharing account, or even just place a link to whereever you found the image (if it's on another website).

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