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Help needed - HP Ultra-2 SCSI LVD HDD's

Posted: Fri May 17, 2019 12:51 pm
by UBT - Timbo
Hi all

I have a wee conundum, from a friend of mine, who needs some assistance.

Specifically, he has a HP LT6000R server, which has a number of hot-swappable SCSI SCA80 LVD HDD's, configured in RAID format.

And the server has died, and the data on the HDDs needs to be accessed.

1) One option is to buy a cheap second-hand LT6000 and put the HDDs in this second server and then all can/should work.

But an LT6000 (or equivalent) is not exactly easy to come by....or even to borrow one for a day....but these are not small servers - weighing a good 30 kg each.

2) The next option is to re-build a PC and fit a suitable HP Ultra-2 SCSI LVD RAID PC card and attach the drives to that.

BUT: the connector on the HDD's uses a single connector for both power AND an outboard SCA80 type adaptor is required (for each HDD, of which there are 4 making up the RAID array) so that the data and power can be connected via separate cables.

I've found some of these adaptors from China for about GBP 6-8 each.

So, a question: Can anyone offer any assistance with this wee issue?