32 cores / 64 threads in one CPU

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32 cores / 64 threads in one CPU

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AMD have announced their new Threadripper 2 series https://www.anandtech.com/show/12906/am ... 99-refresh

Up to thirty two cores and sixty four threads in one package.

3 GHz base clock, 3.4GHz all core turbo.

64 on chip PCIe lanes.

250W TDP.

2018 Q3 release.

Estimated price $1700 - $2000.

Same socket as the Threadripper 1 (an easy upgrade then :D ) although some motherboards might not be able to handle the extra CPU power requirements when overclocked or very heavily loaded. Same air cooler.

Split into four on chip dies, two of which won't have direct access to off chip memory (needs an extra cache hop into one of the other dies that does have a direct connection), to be seen if that makes a difference, AMD thinks it won't for anything but very memory intensive applications.

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