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PLEASE READ FIRST - Forum Membership and Usernames

Posted: Tue May 09, 2006 11:48 am
by UBT - Timbo
Hi and A BIG WELCOME to our Forum

If you have been crunching BOINC tasks for some time or even if you have just started, feel free to view our forum and if you want to, please REGISTER, which will allow you to interact with all our forum members.

UBT was created many years ago, shortly after BOINC was launched, with the idea of being a collective of many members from all over the UK who all want to donate some of their computers processing power and to donate it to many different projects, who would benefit from our combined computing resources.

Spambots continue trying to infiltrate our forum, by registering accounts so that they can posts nefarious posts on our forum. This takes up valuable admin time to deal with it.

And due to this, we've found it necessary to implement a specific procedure to continue to allow MEMBER REGISTRATION :-(

If you want to join our Team forum, then ping "UBT - Timbo" a message via any of the principle BOINC projects or via our Team page on Facebook (details below) and then I can register you directly.

As such, member registration is completed by a human, not a computer. So, please be patient until we can process your membership request :-)

UPDATE: 27th October 2020

I don't know why, but we've seen an increase in the number of spambots, esp from Eastern Europe, trying to infiltrate our forum, by registering accounts. Maybe it's due to the US elections, maybe not...but it's taking up admin time to deal with it.

So, for the time being MEMBER REGISTRATION has been DISABLED - but see above !!

If you want to join our Team forum, then ping me a message via a BOINC project or via our Team page on Facebook (details below) and then I can register you directly.

UPDATE: 6th May 2020

Due to an increasing number of spambots trying to register for our forum, certain email domain names continue to be blocked from registering for a forum account. So, if your registration is not accepted, this is the reason why.

Popular email domains that are banned include: gmail, yahoo, and a few others.

If this happens to you, then please send a message to the team founder, (UBT - Timbo), on any one of the BOINC project websites - just search the teams listed by the project for "UK BOINC Team", and you'll find a member list - once you've sent a message, just wait until I reply and we can provide a work around for you.

Or maybe send us a message on our Facebook group here:

We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause new members, but there really isn't an easy solution to prevent spambots from trying to register.

UPDATE: 18th December 2019

Yet more spambots trying to join our incredibly successful and vibrant forum...

Just to re-iterate to all the spiders/search engines that genuine users are welcome but attempts by automated spambots will not - we employ sophisticated methods of checking for REAL people, so attempts from IP addresses outside UK will be thoroughly checked and banned if found to come from various countries.

UPDATE: 14th September 2019

Firstly a note to any spam-bots or scammers and for the benefit of Google and other search engines.

*IF* you try to register on this forum, trying to peddle all your crap then please be aware that:

1) ALL registrations are vetted by an admin
2) Scam attempts, using bogus names and email addresses will be REFUSED and your email and IP addresses will be logged and BANNED.
3) Genuine users will be granted a membership account with limited access to begin with.

We are pleased to welcome genuine members but we stamp down hard on individuals/spambots who try to infiltrate our forum. So, in other words, DON'T BOTHER !!


Some notes about Forum Membership

This forum was set up in 2006, to serve as a portal of information about (what was then) the new fangled BOINC program, that could harness the power of thousands of PC's to crunch datasets from many and various projects, but all using a common "program manager" to control what programs were being run.

The concept of BOINC has caught on in the intervening years and there are many projects that you can join in with...and as such, you may have questions about how to operate your computer in the best way, so as to maximise your efforts efficiently.

Of course, most BOINC projects have their own forums, but having a team forum allows for a wider range of topics to be discussed....and of course, other allied topics can be discussed too...which makes this more like a club, rather than a "haven for techy bods".

So, please join in - we have a long-standing group of people who keep a regular eye on the forum, so any topics that require assistance are usually answered quite quickly.


Joining the UBT Forum

If you are thinking of joining this Forum, please use your BOINC USERNAME when you REGISTER on this Forum.

This is VERY IMPORTANT, as otherwise, your forum membership will NOT be activated.

Please note: This forum is open to ANY BOINC cruncher, but UBT members obtain special privileges.

We always run a verification check that you are "crunching" for at least ONE of the BOINC projects before your account is activated. (This is because we have sometimes been plagued by spammers and hence we only want to activate forum accounts for REAL people).

Our Team "check" uses our own stats website here: ... oject=comb

as well as checking the UBT team membership listing on here:

If you are not already joined to UBT on any project then we will check and verify your username here:


Old memberships/forgotten passwords etc

If you have previously registered and have either changed email addresses or you've forgotten your old forum password, then please email me at: founder at uk boinc team dot org dot uk (replacing the relevant at, dot and spaces accordingly ;) )

As of November 2015, the forum registration process has been repaired, as we now have a brand new, shiny version of forum software running (and with very grateful thanks to Janos for his help with the database migration and set-up). :D


Forum Registration

To register, just fill in the form and an admin will activate your account, in due course (usually within a day or so)...

Once your account is activated, please post a "HELLO" message in one of the forums, so we know you are "REAL". Otherwise, if your account is not used, then we will mark it as a dormant account, which may then be deleted.

This forum, like others, sometimes receives fictitious "registrations" from spambots - and it is our intention to keep this forum spam-free, in support of our Team effort to generate results for the various projects and to provide members with help, if they require it.

Please note that as a Newly Registered Member, your account name will be shown IN RED and initially, your account will be limited, as we want to ensure that only people "with an interest in BOINC" register....our forum has been online for a long time and for some reason, we seem to attract people posting links to websites where you can buy cheap sunglasses, blue pills or view dating profiles :o

If you register and do not subsequently log in to your account within 1 month, the account may be deactivated, without notice.

Likewise, the admins reserve the right to:
1) deactivate/delete any membership where new members have NEVER logged in or posted to the forum,
2) deactivate/delete inactive memberships, where the user hasn't logged in for some time (usually a few years) or
3) delete any links to non UBT or BOINC related websites, in order to keep our Forum software running smoothly.


Benefits of joining

If you register with us (as mentioned, using your BOINC username) and contribute regularly to the forum, it will give us the opportunity to recognise your contribution in the BOINC rankings and hence we can then upgrade your membership to include access to the UBT Team Chat Area - which is ONLY accessible to UBT crunchers who are currently crunching for the Team on one (or more) of the projects. A minimum of 5 acceptable postings onto the forum is a pre-requisite for this upgrade, if you are new to BOINC and do not have a "history" of crunching for one or more projects. In exceptional circumstances the admin reserves the right to upgrade members based on their recent crunching history.

Note: If you have already registered on the Forum and want to CHANGE your username, then please use the PM button and the admins can then modify your account settings accordingly. We will only change a username once in any calendar month... :D


Further notes:

There are occasions when genuine BOINC crunchers join up and then don't re-visit the forum (for whatever reason) after they have joined up.

As such it is possible that when we purge the Memberlist of recently joined "names" (esp. ones that are obviously spambots) that we may delete a genuine BOINC crunchers membership.

It is very much regretted if this happens, but we do ask that you post a message in the Forum as soon as your Forum Membership has been activated so we know you are not a spambot......

If you have joined and your account HAS been deleted, please re-join and we'll ensure your account stays live, as long as you post a message soon after the account is activated....!

Please note: We reserve the right to delete unused, inactive and/or dormant accounts - these will be removed as part of our general "house-keeping" to keep our forum database "tidy".

Likewise, if URL links are added to accounts where NO posts have been made, then these links may be deleted at our discretion.

Tim, Admin of UBT Forum
(last updated: Sept 2021)

Re: PLEASE READ FIRST - Forum Membership and Usernames

Posted: Sun Nov 29, 2015 9:48 pm
by Woodles
Is it just me or is the team chat area missing?

Re: PLEASE READ FIRST - Forum Membership and Usernames

Posted: Mon Nov 30, 2015 9:13 am
by UBT - Timbo
Woodles wrote:Is it just me or is the team chat area missing?
Not missing - it is still here...but I need to sort out the user permissions for some sections (which is a whole minefield in itself - so, bear with me a bit as I get to grips with all the new admin stuff).

UPDATE: See if you can see it/post in it now and let me know please :)


Re: PLEASE READ FIRST - Forum Membership and Usernames

Posted: Mon Nov 30, 2015 5:25 pm
by Woodles
Hi Tim,

I can now see it and post in it :)

Re: PLEASE READ FIRST - Forum Membership and Usernames

Posted: Mon Nov 30, 2015 6:16 pm
by UBT - Timbo
Woodles wrote:Hi Tim,

I can now see it and post in it :)
Hi Mark

Excellent - that proves to me that the tweak I made is working.