GoofyX is back, but it's new, not a restart !

Anything "BOINC" specific can be commented on here...such as Project news and announcements etc. Also: any problems with BOINC or maybe you have found something interesting, tell us about it. Chat about the various 3rd party client applications used for some of the projects such as optimised clients.
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GoofyX is back, but it's new, not a restart !

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Hi all

Information on a new project (with thanks to ChelseaOilman for the heads-up :-) ).

Goofy is back but you have to sign up again since it's being started as a new project. The stats won't combine with your old stats. It's an NCI project just like the last time and you can run multiple BOINC clients to boost your stats. "CO" is currently running 200 instances on 3 different computers, so 600 total right now. It's in a beta test phase right now and tasks are very short.

Here's a guide to setting up multiple instances if you haven't done it before. It's the same method as used on the iThena NCI project. ... s.1628924/

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