Gordon Moore has died aged 94 (RIP)

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Gordon Moore has died aged 94 (RIP)

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Hi all

Sad news to impart:

Gordon Moore,after whom Moores Law is named (where he predicted that the number of transistors in a microchip would double every year) has died aged 94.


He co-founded Intel (along with Robert Noyce) after leaving Fairchild Semiconductors and the rest is history !!

I think that without him, the world would not be so technically advanced and it is very likely that BOINC might not be around in it's current form without his inventions and predictions (which no doubt spurred on many people and companies over the last 60 or so years).


I'll be raising a glass to him this evening. :beer: :obscene-drinkingcheers:

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Re: Gordon Moore has died aged 94 (RIP)

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Sorry, just seen the post.

Sad news indeed.
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