DreamLab Covid-19 project for mobiles

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DreamLab Covid-19 project for mobiles

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Hi all

I never knew about this Distributed Computing project called DreamLab, (created by Garvan Institute of Medical Research, Sydney and run by Imperial College London and Vodafone), until seeing this article on the BBC website this morning (which was first published on 4th December):


So, you can download the app, (for Android or IOS) and overnight when you aren't using the mobile, it can crunch some data, to help the research into Covid-19 - the phone needs to be plugged in to the charger else it'll probably run out of "juice" ;-)

The article also mentions BOINC and Dr Anderson, but as is usual with the BBC they don't give useful external links.

So, this is the wiki about DreamLab:


and info from Vodafone:


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