New project - Xansons for COD

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New project - Xansons for COD

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Hi all

Another new project sprang up in late November 2016, which I've just found out about.

The "Add project" url is:
And it looks like the might be supporting GPUs as well as CPUs.

Account creation is "OFF" for now, but UBT is already set up, so if anyone wants to help out on the project, then please join the Team once you have "Added" the project. ... ?teamid=48

The project was in "alpha" and will go into "beta" stage sometime in the "summer 2017", according to their home page.

UPDATE: from their homepage:
Supported operating systems:
*Windows 7 SP1 64-bit and above. Manual installation of Visual C++ Redistributable Packages for Visual Studio 2013 is required (64-bit version).
*OS X 10.9.5 and above (including macOS).
*64-bit Linux with kernel 3.10 and above.

Supported GPUs:
*Nvidia GPU with CUDA Compute Capability 1.3 and above (Windows, Linux) or 2.0 and above (OS X/macOS) with at least 1GB of memory (GDDR5 memory is recommended). Driver version 340.21 and above (Windows, Linux) or CUDA Driver for MAC version 7.0.29 and above (OS X/macOS).
*AMD GPU with OpenCL 1.2+ support with at least 1GB of memory (integrated AMD GPUs, a.k.a. APUs, are not recomended, see Important Notes below).
*Intel GPU of 8-th generation and above with OpenCL 1.2+ support (older Intel GPUs are not recommended, see Important Notes below).
So, one for the back-burner and see what happens.

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