12th Birthday Challenge

This section is where you can post topics related to Challenges from other websites, such as Formula-BOINC, SETI-Germany and BOINCstats, as well as project challenges such as from WCG, PrimeGrid et al.

As a Team, we really want to engage as many team members with these challenges, as this gives us a great way of attracting more members to our Team...plus we get to show our strengths as a Team by (hopefully) doing well in each one.

PS: I have moved lots of topics into this section where they are relevant...as you can see, we've always been happy to take part in Challenges...and long may that continue ;-)
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12th Birthday Challenge

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Hi all,

I've just been sent a PM about the above:
Dear members of UK BOINC Team,

For Nov 16th to Nov 22th 2016 SETI.Germany is arranging a challenge at World Community Grid on the occasion of the grids 12th birthday:

We would like to invite UC BOINC Team to participate in the challenge and hope that your team and many members of your team will be joining and participating this event.

More information and statistics regarding the challenge can be found here. http://www.seti-germany.de/wcg/1_en_Welcome.html

Your participation is very much appreciated.

Many Greetings: Terminator
Needless to say I've joined the Team to this challenge so if anyone is up for this (and by then Formula-BOINC would be nearly over) then please switch over to crunching some WCG tasks.

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