It's not actually there yet...

WCGs mission is to create the largest public computing grid benefiting humanity. You can choose from various work units to crunch: Fight AIDS, cure Cancer or support the Human Proteome Folding projects amongst many. Supported by IBM.
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It's not actually there yet...

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Got all excited by a BOINC Manager notice :-D
"World Community Grid: Notice from BOINC
This project is using an old URL. When convenient, remove the project, then add
06/07/2022 09:36:54"

However... - if you try to remove and add, it all reverts back to the original web address and nothing actually happens (apart from downloading a heap of .png files!) :banghead: so hold off for now!
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Re: It's not actually there yet...

Post by UBT-mark3346 »

From 04/07

Hi everyone,

Since many of you have been asking for minor updates to stay informed about the current state of WCG, here is what the team has been working on.

Recent efforts to restart have been unsuccessful. You may have noticed in your BOINC client some messages from the scheduler, which was a byproduct of the successful steps in the restart procedure. However, we have been unable to queue workunits packaged for distribution to clients into the primary scheduler node and are working to resolve what is hopefully the final blocking issue to workunit distribution. We have identified as a result of this issue an opportunity to create a more efficient queue to allocate and distribute work among volunteer devices, which we will release in a future update. but it has been taking time to implement.

Happy Independence Day to all of the American crunchers!

- WCG Team
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Re: It's not actually there yet...

Post by chriscambridge »

Tasks are now coming through, although still intermittently.
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