Dawn Chorus project

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Dawn Chorus project

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Hi all

I had this email from one of the directors of Rechenkraft and thought it might interest some members:
Hello everybody,
We would like to draw the attention of those who may not read the Rechenkraft.net forum regularly to a very interesting CitizenScience project in the field of biodiversity that has been running for several years and is a lot of fun: Dawn Chorus.

In short: It's about the automated recording of the morning Bird song in as many places around the world as possible - via smartphone.

Project website: https://dawn-chorus.org/en/
Birdsong World Map: https://explore.dawn-chorus.org/?lang=en

Rechenkraft.net forum area on this:
https://www.rechenkraft.net/forum/viewt ... 88&t=17483

A quick guide of what we can do:
https://www.rechenkraft.net/forum/viewt ... 20#p191320

Maybe there will be one or the other interested person to support project.

Many greetings,
Michael (for the board of directors).
So, some people might be interested (if you are awake that early !!!)?

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