Advent of Code competition

Here's the place to post all sorts of games, quizzes, or interactive competitions etc for forum members to join in with....
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Advent of Code competition

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Hi all,

There's an article on The Register website which is a good read here:

and it relates to a topical website where you can play a Xmas themed game everyday and win perhaps a badge.

Or just dive straight in here:

Have fun !

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Re: Advent of Code competition

Post by Woodles »

To play, please identify yourself via one of these services:

[GitHub] [Google] [Twitter] [Reddit]
I don't have any of those :(
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Re: Advent of Code competition

Post by wbiz »

Advent of Code should come with a health warning, I lost about 3 weeks of my life last year, I got involved in optimising for speed not just solving the problems. I've managed to avoid it so far this year but I might need counselling to maintain this stance as I did "accidentally" log in the other day and took a sneak peek but as the early problems were trivial it didn't wet my appetite.

I've got to admire the guys that consistently bang out an answer within minutes of the problem being released, the problems get non-trivial quite quickly.
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