BIG NEWS from WCG (13th Sept 2021)

WCGs mission is to create the largest public computing grid benefiting humanity. You can choose from various work units to crunch: Fight AIDS, cure Cancer or support the Human Proteome Folding projects amongst many. Supported by IBM.
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BIG NEWS from WCG (13th Sept 2021)

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Hi all,

There's a big announcement about WCG here, which if you hadn't seen already, I suggest you take a look.: ... icleId=732

The first 2 paragraphs of this are:
World Community Grid is becoming part of Krembil Research Institute, a leading scientific research institution in Toronto, Canada. Krembil Research Institute is part of the University Health Network, which is North America's largest hospital research network, and affiliated with University of Toronto, one of the world's top public universities. And just as importantly, it's the professional home of Dr. Igor Jurisica, Senior Scientist at Krembil, Professor at University of Toronto, and longtime World Community Grid collaborator. Dr. Jurisica will lead World Community Grid as it moves to its next chapter.

IBM created World Community Grid in 2004 as a proof-of-concept for distributed (or grid) computing. During its years with IBM, the program built a global volunteer base and became a significant source of computing power for humanitarian scientific research. And now, Krembil Research Institute will continue expanding the program.
So, it looks like goodbye to IBM's involvement and hello to Krembil Research Institute...

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