Choosing a "Cause Preference"

A section, dealing with the non-BOINC based Folding@home program and the various research tasks it runs.
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Choosing a "Cause Preference"

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Hi all

It's taken me a few minutes to try and figure out which "Cause" to actually crunch for.

And eventually I found this:

Selecting the "Configure > Advanced" tab one can see the Cause Preference, which currently are for:


which seems fair enough - but I cannot see if one can select a Covid-19 "Cause".

Will a new "Cause" be downloaded into this drop-down field to allow crunching any Covid-19 specific tasks?

Answer: Nope - Select "Any" and you may get a Covid-19 relevant task as it is a high priority project.

UPDATE: OK, I found a useful resource here and it shows which project you might be crunching for:
How do I know that I'm working on COVID-19 related projects ?
If you're running a project that's listed here, you're fighting COVID-19 :
CPU : 14328 - 14329 - 14530 - 14531
GPU : 11741 to 11764
I think this is shown in the "PRCG" section of the "Work Queue".

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