Formula BOINC Sprint #10

This section is where you can post topics related to Challenges from other websites, such as Formula-BOINC, SETI-Germany and BOINCstats, as well as project challenges such as from WCG, PrimeGrid et al.

As a Team, we really want to engage as many team members with these challenges, as this gives us a great way of attracting more members to our we get to show our strengths as a Team by (hopefully) doing well in each one.

PS: I have moved lots of topics into this section where they are you can see, we've always been happy to take part in Challenges...and long may that continue ;-)
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Formula BOINC Sprint #10

Post by UBT - Timbo » Thu Jun 25, 2020 10:58 pm

Hi all

So, a few UBT members are about to start crunching some Rosetta tasks, as this was the project chosen for this 10th Sprint of 2020.

Rosetta issues tasks that are processed by CPUs, so the more CPUs that are crunching Rosetta, the better it will be for the Team by the time the Sprint ends at 11pm BST on Sunday 28th June.

However, Rosetta is currently "flavour of the month" for many people as a lot of recent tasks are specific to the Covid-19 pandemic and the project has seen an approx 10-fold increase in the number of daily tasks that are downloaded by BOINC members.

So, it might be tough for UBT members to earn a high number of credits during this Sprint.

But we'll give it our best shot :-)


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Re: Formula BOINC Sprint #10

Post by UBT - Mikee » Sat Jun 27, 2020 10:02 am


We're doing better than expected as there aren't too many work units available - but all teams are in the same boat. There seems to have been a lot more WUs issued in the last 24 hours and there are currently showing nearly 30,000 available now.

We're at 6th at the moment and appear to be chasing Dutch Power Cows. Anyone else wants to join in they're more than welcome!

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Re: Formula BOINC Sprint #10

Post by damienh » Sat Jun 27, 2020 11:02 am

Here's a performance graph since the morning after sprint start. I've actually skipped out the top 4 teams, since they are some ways ahead of us already. Rosetta is generally a popular project, so there are a lot of people contributing that don't even know about the sprint!


We've overtaken The Scottish Boinc Team, temporarily I expect, and are closing in on the Dutch Power Cows.

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