Bunkering a specific project

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Bunkering a specific project

Post by Woodles » Wed Apr 24, 2019 11:08 am

When bunkering, it is simplest to fill your cache with enough work then disable network access in the Boinc manager.

Simply turning off network access will prevent tasks from uploading but what if you have tasks that DO need to upload before the bunker drop?

You may be bunkering a CPU project but still have GPU tasks that have deadlines before the bunker drop (or vice versa), you may be running NCI tasks that have a shorter duration and need refreshing or you may be running a second project that requires constant network access.

To stop one project from uploading completed work but still allow others to connect to the internet is slightly more complicated than stopping all network access but it's still fairly straightforward.

The method that works on all Windows setups is to make use of the included firewall.

First, find the IP address of the project you want to block.

1. Find the URL of the project (go to the project homepage, look in the cc_config file, look in the project files)

2. Open a command prompt and type

Code: Select all

ping url_just_found
This will give you an output as below, the data you're interested in is the "[]"

Set up the rule to block access.

3. Click on "Start", type "Windows Defender" into the search box, select "Windows Defender Firewall with Advanced Security"

4. Select "Outbound rules"

5. Click on "New Rule"

6. The option you want is "Custom", select then click "Next"

7. Accept the default "All programs".

8. Accept the default ports and protocols.

9. Select "These IP addresses" for "Which remote IP addresses does this rule apply to?" then click on "Add

10. Enter the IP address from the first step and click "OK"

11. Click "Next"

12. Accept the default action.

13. Accept the default profiles.

14. Give the rule a name - "Numberfields" and a description if you want.

15. Click "Finish"

At this point you've created the rule but it's not active.

16. Click on the rule then click on "Enable Rule"

17. Close Windows defender.

All accesses to the Numberfields website will now be blocked whether from Boinc or otherwise.

When you want to resume access, repeat step 16 but click on "Disable Rule"


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