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Some posts were created and related to the v2.x forum, that was held on the previous domain. These posts have now been moved to this section, in order to prevent any confusion about which forum is being discussed.
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New Forum

Post by Darren » Mon Apr 17, 2006 9:34 am

We have added extras to the forum including.....
A New Profile Control Panel that lets you enter all sorts of extra stuff and control what you want to see.

You can set up lists of friends and ignore other peoples posts.
We now have sub forums available so it should be easier to track all of the projects that are available.

The forum will autoupdate every 3 minutes so you don't have to keep hitting the refresh button. This does not happen when you are reading posts only on the index and forum listing pages.

You no longer need to vote in the polls to see how the voting is going - you can cast a null vote.

Posts can be marked as under construction, so you don't need to post some of the information and then edit it later.

And there are a few extra themes to choose from.

The GMT/BST problem may be fixed - but we'll have to wait until October to test that one.

You get a Birthday message from the forum when it gets to your happy day, also your Birthday is added to the main forum page for the day.

Polls now have colored bars, easier to see what answers are winning

List Avatars, shows every Avatar in use on the forum is ranked by number of postings

You can now easily see how many posts have been made since your last visit to the forum and directly go to them all (top right of forum)

If you have the pop-up box enabled for every time you get a new pvt message, you now have the option to open the inbox in a new window rather than opening it in the same window and losing the forum page you were on.

For the security conscious at the very bottom of the forum you can click a link to remove all cookies the forum has left for you, of course this will log you out as well
Also for the security conscious you can no longer view someones profile unless you log in.

PLEASE NOTE: None of this would have been done or possible without Halifax--Lad's help.

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