Back again !!

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Back again !!

Post by UBT - Timbo » Wed Mar 20, 2019 8:59 am

Hi all

Apologies for the small amount of down time.

I'd been advised by my hosting provider to upgrade my installed version of php, plus I'd also seen a comment about their being Adverts being detected by Adblocking software.

So, I tried to upgrade the former and disable the latter (as it wasn't actually configured to work anyways) - and in so doing, phpBB threw it's hands up and caused an issue. :oops:

This resulted in an error being displayed....and try as I might, I couldn't see where the issue was coming from and I didn't want to burden our Honorary forum guru unneccessarily...but after a couple of days, I had to ask for help :pray: and sure enough Janos stepped upto the mark (again) and fixed it. :D :D :D

So, we're back and hopefully all should be well and you can all get your UBT fixes now !! :dance:


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