Upload/download issues on a few BOINC projects

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Upload/download issues on a few BOINC projects

Post by UBT - Timbo » Fri Oct 01, 2021 2:18 pm

Hi all

There are a few projects that are refusing to allow uploads and downloads on WINDOWS hosts.

It is due to a Certificate expiring (on 30th Sept 2021) and hence some https project websites refuse to allow connections.

See here:

https://boinc.berkeley.edu/forum_thread ... =&start=0

and specifically page 2 of this thread.

There are some fixes, but it might take a while for them to work out a generic fix, rather than having to edit .crt files.


To fix this problem, manually, firstly suspend BOINC Crunching (to be "safe").

Someone has put on Google Drive an updated ca-bundle.crt file.

https://drive.google.com/file/d/1XC3XHm ... sp=sharing

So, download this into your download folder.

Then use File Manager to navigate to your C:/ProgramFiles/BOINC folder

Look for the existing file called "ca-bundle.crt" and RENAME it to "ca-bundle.TXT"

Then COPY the downloaded file into this folder.

Restart crunching, then select one of the "stuck" projects (on the Projects tab in BOINC Manager) and click on "Update" and any "stuck" files should now start uploading.

(Or you can go to the "Transfers" tab, select any one of the items, and click on "Retry Now".)

(I've tried this "fix" and it works :-) )


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Re: Upload/download issues on a few BOINC projects

Post by rimmer66 » Mon Oct 04, 2021 3:49 pm

Hi Tim
thanks for the heads up, my odlk1 stalled just as i got to 500k ,half way to my target of >1m, which i think will take some time , i will try this fix and hopefully get back on the grind.


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