BOINC Manager on Free Cloud Server

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BOINC Manager on Free Cloud Server

Post by chriscambridge » Mon Mar 23, 2020 12:51 pm


I just setup BOINC manager on a free cloud account so I thought I would share this with UBT in case anyone else wants to do this also.

The "normal way" to run BOINC on cloud servers is without the manager, so basically you have very little idea of what is going on, or how to manage projects, or change projects settings etc.

This method however installs BOINC manager so you can use it exactly how you normally do on your home computers (etc). See picture at end of post for info.


This guide uses this hardware/software:
  • Digital Ocean Cloud Server
  • BOINC Manager (lunatics)
  • Ubuntu Server (Linux)
  • Ubuntu Desktop (Gnome)
  • Zoho Assist (Desktop access)
This guide uses Digital Ocean's cloud server, but I a fairly confident you could use the same method to install BOINC Manager on MS Azure, Google Cloud, Amazon AWS, and any other cloud provider or dedicated/bare metal server that gives you Ubuntu 18.04 LTS; which is pretty much all of them.


As a new customer you can get $100 of free credit (3 months worth) at DigitalOcean *if you use the link below. Please note this is NOT my affiliate link or anything like that. Also you will need to add a valid payment card. Just cancel before you $100 runs out. Account clearly shows credit left.



I selected the "Compute Droplet" with the spec of: 4 vCPUs, 8GB RAM, 5TB Transfer, 160GB SSD. This works out at $40 /month.

LINKS ... =CopyPaste ($100 free credit link)


0) Create an account at Digital Ocean using the link given (make sure it says: $100 free credit)

1) Install Ubuntu 18.04 Server LTS using Droplet "wizard"

2) Open Droplet Access Console (AC), and Install Ubuntu desktop

- Use the exact steps given in this article: ... ver-18-04/

3) Use AC, and Install Zoho Assist Remote Access (ZARA)

- You will need to go to Zoho Assist (using the link) and sign up for their free account.
- Once logged into ZARA website, look for the deployment link. Paste this URL into your servers browser.
- Then use your servers Terminal to run both the commands.

4) Close AC, and use ZARA to connect to your server

- After installing ZARA on your server, when you login to ZARA website (using your home computer), you will see your new server listed; just click connect.
- Zoho Remote Assistant runs in a Browser, and works as normal with your mouse and cursor.

5) Using ZARA, Download and unpack BOINC.7z to your server desktop or home

- Its important to use this version of BOINC, and not try to install BOINC from any repositories etc as they will install files all over the place. This version unpacks *all files into one folder, and runs from that directory.

- You will find your downloaded .7z file in the downloads folder. Probably best to move it to /home or /desktop, and then unpack it.

6) Using ZARA, Run boincmgr (found within the BOINC folder unpacked)


You will now see BOINC manager running, ready for you to add projects etc.

* Please note that the servers don't have GPUs hence screen resolution is less than normal.

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Re: BOINC Manager on Free Cloud Server

Post by UBT - Timbo » Mon Mar 23, 2020 1:46 pm

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