dDM closing down

Anything "BOINC" specific can be commented on here...such as Project news and announcements etc. Also: any problems with BOINC or maybe you have found something interesting, tell us about it. Chat about the various 3rd party client applications used for some of the projects such as optimised clients.
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dDM closing down

Post by Woodles » Tue Apr 17, 2018 8:58 am

The DistributedDataMining project is shutting down!

Dear ddm users,
we had a good run during the last years and the computing power which you provided enabled many researchers to achieve there scientific goals.

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to invest as much time as I wanted into maintaining the ddm project and although the BOINC client was working fine most of the time, the page had more and more problems which were not addressed properly. I was thinking about shuting down the project many times but there was never the right moment.

Recently, this changed when a critical vulnerability of the Drupal content management system was publicly announced. Since the ddm website was running an old version of Drupal, no fix is available for this issue. As a consequence, I took the website down. There are no indications that the vulnerability was exploited. The actual BOINC server is running on a different machine and would not have been effected anyway.

I had the choice between (1) updating to the latest Drupal version including the time consuming re-integration of all the BOINC features and (2) shutting down the project for good. I decided that this is the right moment to let it come to an end. I simply do not have the time to operate the project in the way that you would deserve.

From now on, no new workunits will be generated. The remaining units will be distributed to the BOINC clients and the incomming results will be processed as usuall. The BOINC statistics which are frequently crawled by multiple websites will stay online for a while, so that your credits won't be lost.

Thank you for your understanding and all your support during the last years.

Best regards,
Last time i looked, there wasn't a lot of work available but should anyone have any personal targets to go for then now is your only chance.

UBT are third in the UK, a long way behind OcUK in second and with no more work being generated, won't catch them.

UBT are twentieth in Formula Boinc and again, no changes to be made there.


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Re: dDM closing down

Post by UBT - Timbo » Tue Apr 17, 2018 10:31 am

Hi Mark

Thanks for the heads up.

Shame about dDM....I didn't give it a lot of time, but I never had any issues with crunching their tasks.

Shame we can't go out on a "high" stats wise, but that's life !!


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